Books that make Chinese easy for non-fluent parents

Welcome to Mina Learns Chinese! I'm Katrina Liu, a Chinese American author, and mom. My passion is creating children's books to help English speakers introduce the Chinese language to kids in a fun and easy way. Books are available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, includes Pinyin and English and an audio reading in Mandarin.

Bilingual children's books starring Mina written in Chinese, Pinyin and English by Katrina Liu and made available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


We're launching our first Kickstarter for a full-color picture book all about boba! Thanks for your support!

Mina's Scavenger Hunt book cover mock up


Our full-color picture books suitable for ages 1-6 years old. They are available in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese! 

All books contain beautiful full-color illustrations with extra-large Chinese characters and Pinyin and English for support.


Do you have the books already? Follow along with a free audio reading in Mandarin.


Our little Mina, the inspiration behind it all! It was important for me to give my daughter the opportunity to become bilingual. With very limited Chinese speaking skills, I knew that it would be a challenging endeavor. I searched for well-illustrated Chinese and English children's books and found very little out there, especially ones with Pinyin. So I decided to create my own and share it with like-minded parents who are in the same boat. This is a passion project of mine and completely self-funded. I appreciate your support in dual-language learning and independent authors.

My daughter, Mina, and our dog, Musubi!

Love the story, illustration and how you have English, Chinese and Pinyin all together. I wish there were more books that would do that!

Francis (Mom of Felix, 2 and Avery, 5)

I'm an ABC mom too and this book has been so useful! I'm so excited to read this to my son. The illustrations are adorable and I love how there's an audio reading too!

Jessica (Mom of Conner, age 6)

San Francisco, CA, USA


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