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Hi! I'm Katrina!


As an American Born Chinese mom with limited Chinese skills, I began to look for dual language Chinese/English children's books so that I could read with my daughter, Mina. Fluency in a language is most easily gained if a child is exposed to it within the first few years of life. Supporting my daughter in learning Chinese and preserving our Chinese culture is very important to me. I created these books for like-minded parents interested in fostering the development of dual-language with their children. 


Books with both Pinyin and English are especially useful to me because I only have basic Chinese conversational skills and do not know many Chinese characters. I was disappointed to discover that well-illustrated bilingual books are extremely hard to find, especially ones that are intended for English speakers. Most are of poor quality or badly translated. So I decided to create my own inspired by my daughter and I'm so excited to share them with you!


To learn more, Chalk Academy has interviewed me about my process and project. You can read the interview here.


This is a self-published and self-funded project, so I really appreciate your support. If you share my values in dual language learning, I hope you will share my books with your community, friends and family.


Thank you!

Katrina Liu