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I'm an American-Born-Chinese mom living in San Francisco, CA. This journey all started after I had my daughter, Mina. I wanted to give her the opportunity to become bilingual, an opportunity that I did not have, and now regret. I knew it would be a challenge living in the US in a prominently English-speaking environment. Furthermore, I only have conversational Mandarin skills and very limited reading and writing skills. 


So I began taking online courses in my free time to improve my Chinese. During that period, I searched for dual-language books to read to Mina. Books with both Pinyin and English are critical since I don't recognize many Chinese characters. I was disappointed to discover that well-illustrated bilingual books are extremely hard to find, especially ones that are intended for English speakers. Most are low quality, poorly translated, and/or have cultural differences that many American children just can't relate to. With that, I decided to write my own stories inspired by my daughter and I'm thrilled to share them with you!

Fluency in a language is most easily gained if a child is exposed within the first few years of life. I created these books for non-native speakers and like-minded parents interested in fostering the development of dual-language with their children. Supporting my daughter in learning Chinese and preserving our Chinese culture is important to me. These books have been a great way to get her excited about the language. In addition, it's become a useful learning tool for me as a parent.

As an independent author, this passion project is self-funded, so I really appreciate your support. If you share my values in dual language learning, I hope you will share my books with your community, friends, and family.

To learn more, Chalk Academy has interviewed me about my process and project. You can read the interview here.


Thank you!

Katrina Liu


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Rosalia Destarisa, also known as Desta, is a freelance children’s book illustrator currently living in Indonesia. She graduated in 2016 from Universitas Sebelas Maret with a degree in Visual Communication Design. She works in a small city called Solo. Desta enjoys playing video games and taking her cat, Hero, out for walks. You can check out her artwork on Instagram: @pink.licorice, and her blog:

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Heru Setiawan is a talented illustrator from Indonesia and a passionate introvert. He loves creating stories through drawings. His delightfully unrefined with softly painted brushes and cozy calm colors which distinguishes his unique artwork style. After graduating with a degree in visual communication design from ITS Surabaya, Heru spends most of his time resting and making illustrations for children's books, animations, with a small team of friends. He can be found on Instagram under the name of @_hrstwn, on his Behance page, and of course in his small house in Gresik. 

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Anselm is a digital illustrator from Lima, Peru. He has a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Pontificia Universidad Católica Del Perú, Peru. He enjoys reading books and playing videogames. He primarily illustrates children's books and is passionate about coming up with fresh ideas for his drawings. 

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